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As weird as it sounds, extreme ironing tops our list of the Most Extreme Competitions On Earth. Extreme ironing is classed as an 'extreme sport'. The aim of the game is to iron in the most remote, ...

Domain: Sports; Category: Sporting events

The Freestyle Alligator Wrestling Competition is without a doubt one of the most unusual competitions there is. The premise for the competition was derived from ancient Native American hunting ...

Domain: Holiday; Category: Festivals

The World Bodypainting Contest is perhaps one of the most extraordinary contests on the planet. Running since 1998, competitors from all over the world showcase their amazing talent at this ...

Domain: Holiday; Category: Festivals

Various spud gun (or potato cannon) contests take place worldwide each year. These contests are extremely technical and are taken incredibly seriously by competitors. The typical design for a spud ...

Domain: Holiday; Category: Festivals

Every year in Brooklyn, New York, competitors must eat as many hot dogs as they can within 10 minutes. One of the most popular of the many 'extreme eating' competitions in North America, this one is ...

Domain: Holiday; Category: Festivals

This is possibly one of the most unpleasant contests on the planet. Competitors have to snorkel through the Waen Rhydd peat bog in Wales, UK – a dense mass of dirty water, mud, insects and flora. The ...

Domain: Holiday; Category: Festivals

The World Sauna Championships was a popular Finnish event, and competitors came from all over the globe to compete. The contest is self-explanatory: competitors must sit in the sauna for as long as ...

Domain: Holiday; Category: Festivals

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