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The aim of this list of programming languages is to include all notable programming languages in existence, both those in current use and historical ones.

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Gödel is a general-purpose, declarative programming language based on one of the four main programming paradigms, namely, logic programming. It was developed by Patricia M. Hill and John W. Lloyd. Basic ideas and features of Gödel are mainly taken from Prolog language. It is named in honour of logician Kurt Gödel, although the acronym 'God's Own DEclarative Language' is sometimes used.

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哥德尔是通用的声明性编程语言的基础的四个主要的编程范式,即,一个逻辑编程。它是由帕特里夏 · 希尔和约翰 · 劳埃德 · 开发。 的基本理念和哥德尔的功能主要取自 Prolog 语言。它的名字命名的逻辑学家库尔特 · 哥德尔,虽然首字母缩略词 ' 神 ' s 自己的声明性语言 ' 有时使用。

Domain: Computer; Category: Software engineering

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