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Any term that relates to machines that can take computer text or image and transcribe it into paper form.

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Office equipment; Printers

Selle Põhivärvid kuvab täielikult värvidega piltide loomiseks kasutatud ja skanneri või kaamera andurite poolt tuvastatud kui pildistamist. Punane, roheline ja sinine suhteline intensiivsus muutes ...

3D printer

Office equipment; Printers

Technologically advanced printer that differs completely from paper printers in that it allows users to create 3-D models by stacking material on top of one another to produce anything from jewelry ...


Office equipment; Printers

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4x6 printimine

Office equipment; Printers

Printing snapshot-sized photos. Many HP printers have this capability. For more information about this technology, see the definition for borderless printing.

kõik ühes

; Printers

A printer that can also scan and copy; many of these devices can send and receive faxes as well.


; Printers

A Windows ® funktsioon, mis lubab süsteemiadministraatoril jälgida printimise tegevuse mis tahes kasutaja.

eraldi ja räni tint

; Printers

Trükkimise süsteem, mis majutab printer, mitte tindi kassett tindiprinteri printhead.

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